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Pakistan’s First and only Authorized Provider of UAV Aircraft for the Military, Police, Maritime, Utility Surveillance, Agriculture, Aerial Survey and Coastal Defence.


Choose between two fixed wing or three Vertical Take Off and Land (VTOL) UAV’s for precise local monitoring.


Our Ground Control Stations (GCS) range from an easy to use hand held device to a professional command centre.


We provide training to help you get the most out of your aerial system. We also offer technical support and low cost maintenance.


Our systems come pre-loaded with easy to use software. Fly manually or in full automatic mode with 20 preset waypoints.

Your Eyes in the Sky

UAS-Global are a team of Global Security Specialists who consult on Security Infrastructure, Aerial Surveillance, Aerial Survey, Mapping and UAV Equipment. We are the only Authorized and Exclusive suppliers in Pakistan for the two of the world’s largest and technologically advanced Organization’s.

Our team is highly Trained and Certified with a wide range of experience in Military and Civilian applications.

Aerial inspection service

UAS-G offers innovative aerial inspection solutions using Remotely Operated Aerial Vehicles (RAOVs). Reduce costs, improve safety and save time using UAVs for inspecting flare stacks, pipelines, industrial structures and power lines. We carry out industrial inspections globally with offices in Pakistan, UAE and United Kingdom.


Safe & Certified

UAS-G provide a detailed risk assessment for every flight operation. All our staff are trained to VCA full, H2S and BOSIET. Our UAV  have been approved to be airworthy by the highest international standards. This, in combination with our strict maintenance protocol, sets safety to the highest standards. Our operators have UK Civil Aviation Authority training & Licensing and a world wide experience in a variety of on- and offshore projects.

Innovative solutions

We are a full service company with in-house development capability. We strive to further develop and improve our applications. We want to be in control when it comes to offering seamless solutions to our clients whether Military or Civilian. We offer detailed aerial inspection reports containing the highest quality Survey Reports, Topographical Maps, DSLR, 4K or IR images.

UAV Uses and Applications


Civilian and military aerial Security and Surveillance


Closed perimeters monitoring and control


High demanding security events surveillance


Identification and prosecution of suspects


Crowd monitoring and control


Prison image control


Terrain scouting


Agriculture monitoring


Utility surveillance


Aerial photography


Search and Rescue operations in disaster scenarios


Structural wind turbine and power lines inspection


Oil and Gas pipeline monitoring


Sea monitoring


Precision agriculture




Anti poaching


Fire fighting


Land & building surveying



UAS Global (PVT) LTD
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UAE Office

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UK Office

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